Dining Room Buying Guide

Dining Care Maintenance Care


Congratulations on your new dining room set! To ensure proper care and longevity of your furniture please follow these guidelines:


  • Always use placemats or table clothes when using your dining room table. This will help protect against scratches, heat and steam working into your table. Hot items such as pizza boxes, paper plates and hot bowls will cause damage to your table. The varnish on your table is there to protect against liquid spills NOT heat.


  • No two trees are exactly alike so the natural color and grain variations in wood products are normal. Wood texture and grain do affect the finish, so it is impossible to guarantee an exact match in finish between two pieces of furniture even though the identical finishing processes are applied. These natural characteristics give solid wood furniture its own unique quality.


  • Wood moves, especially solid wood, with changes in humidity. Always make sure to have a Humidifier. Humidity in homes should be between 35-45%. Montana goes through extreme temperature changes, especially in the winter months. These temperature changes affect humidity and that is when we see the most wood movement. If proper levels are not reached wrapping and splitting may occur.


  • The “Rule-Joint” is where the two halves of the table meet. It is normal for there to be a temporary gap during different times throughout the year. This is because solid wood absorbs the surrounding moisture in the air (or lack there off) causing expansion and contraction. This is normal and not considered a defect.


  • Never place wood furniture over heat ducts or near radiators, wood stoves, etc.… 3 feet is a good rule of thumb.


  • Avoid direct sunlight – ultraviolet rays will change the color of the wood over time. If your table is in a sunny area, never leave objects (candles, accessories, vases…) on your table for an extended period of time- you could very well find out that the area underneath the object is a different color than the rest of the table.


  • Periodically put your table leaves in thus allowing them to age naturally to match the color of the rest of your table. If your leaves do not self-store in the table, store them horizontally under a bed or closet. Standing them up can cause them to wrap over time.


  • Dust table weekly (Swiffer dusters work great). If used often, polish every few months. If rarely used, polish one or twice a year. Wipe off your table after each use with a warm washcloth (and mild detergent if needed) and buff dry. To polish, you can use any wood cleaner but we recommend “Guardsman Wood Cleaner” avail. In store. Also, a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water will remove fingerprints and greasy smears. Polishes should not contain silicones. Always dust and polish with the grain-never against the grain.


  • The varnish will protect against many liquids, however, the following items should never come in contact with your table top: fingernail polish or remover, magic markers, candle wax, liquids for scented oil canisters and any other harsh chemicals.


  • Always use hot pads when serving casserole dishes or any other hot pans coming out of the oven or off the stove.


  • We offer table pads for your new dining set. Many color options available.